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C.P. 162 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

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One of the first free flight clubs in Italy founded in 1975 ; the year after the Federazione Italiana Volo Libero (Free Flight Italian Federation) was founded and had its first headquarters here in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
The Dolomiti Delta Club has actively taken part, together with the Delta Club Dolada, in the organization of the Italian and European championships (1987/1988) and various regional championships (Triveneto).
For a period of time flight was banned in Cortina for a wrong interpretation of the lows that regulate flying in Italy ; from 1985 everything was cleared and Cortina has become a very sought after flying site for pilots from all over the world.

The flying season starts at the beginning of June and finishes at the end of October (depending on snow).
If you take the road for Passo Falzarego and then the turn of f to Rifugio Duca d’Aosta, on good gravel road, you will arrive at our take off (m. 2.055 s.l.m.) ; With ample room to rig about 50 wings, we can take off with all winds except from the northerly quarter. We are flying already ! If the conditions are good, we quickly gain height leaving beneith us Punta Anna and soon after the Tofane Range (m 3.243). Taking a look around we can see from the Padana Plains to the Vetta d’Italia ! (chek out a map here !...)

For today we will be happy with a flight around Cortina : We leave the Tofane to head north and gain some more heigth on the Pomagagnon Range to then continue towards the Monte Cristallo. If we are not too tyred we invert our heading and point towards the Sorapis Range.

From the magnificent Blue Lake we then head for our landing site ; we have some height to spare and decide to fly over the Pocol Hill ; a few hundred meters more and we are above the Campo flat (m. 1.127) where we soflty touch down. GREAT ! ! ! Our landing is ample and equipped with wind sock.

For the month of August access to the take off is through the Tofana Cable Car.

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